Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 26 Attendance Update

To put this in perspective: 
Seattle had as many people at one game as Chivas USA has had in 9 games combined.

Team2013 Average AttendanceCapacityPercent Full2012 Average Attendance% Change from 2011 
Chicago Fire14,30020,00071.50%16,409-12.85
Chivas USA8,50318,80045.23%13,056-34.87
Colorado Rapids15,22518,08684.18%15,175+0.33
Columbus Crew15,24920,14575.70%14,397+5.92
DC United13,60419,46769.88%13,846-1.75
FC Dallas15.94020,50077.75%
Houston Dynamo20,11422,03991.26%21,015-4.29
Los Angeles Galaxy21,98927,00081.44%23,136-4.96
Montreal Impact20,93320,521102.01%22,772-8.07
NE Revolution13,55022,38560.53%14,001-3.22
New York Red Bulls18,90125,18975.04%18,281 +3.39
Philadelphia Union17,62918,50095.29%18,053-2.35
Portland Timbers20,67420,674100.00%20,438+1.15
Real Salt Lake18,84720,21393.24%19,087-1.26
San Jose Earthquakes13,49210,525128.19%13,293+1.50
Seattle Sounders42,96338,500111.59%43,144-0.42
Sporting Kansas City19,85318,467107.51%19,404+2.32
Toronto FC19,39021,85988.70%18,155+6.80
Vancouver Whitecaps19,96821,00095.09%19,475+2.53


  1. I think the "capacity" numbers are a little misleading. Seattle's capacity is north of 65,000, not 38,500. The fact that they can only sell out when Portland comes to town is an indictment of their marketing.

    To give you a sense of Seattle's impact, average league attendance would be 1200 per game lower if the Flounders were not in MLS. Average attendance would drop to 2010 levels.

    1. To Anonymous, you are close about the Sounders "stadium capacity", a FULL stadium is 67,300+. The fact that the Sounders capacity is listed as 38,500 is a concious decision on the teams part to only sell tickets to most games using the first two levels. When adding the third and largest level, you get the full capacity. Just recently have they started to sell some of the lower rows of seats in the third level as well. Make for better stadium services and vending planning. They also have a special package for their "Rivalry" games where they are opeing up the full sitting area. Result 67,385 sell-out for the Portland Timber. A rather smart business plan don't you think

    2. To anon #1.....huh????????

    3. So it's a smart business plan to purposefully sell fewer tickets than you could?

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