Sunday, October 27, 2013

2013 Final Attendance Update

Team2013 Average AttendanceCapacityPercent Full2012 Average Attendance% Change from 2011 
Chicago Fire15,22820,00076.14%16,409-7.20
Chivas USA8,36618,80044.50%13,056-35.92
Colorado Rapids15,44018,08685.37%15,175+1.75
Columbus Crew16,08020,14579.82%14,397+11.69
DC United13,64619,46770.10%13,846-1.45
FC Dallas15,37320,50074.99%
Houston Dynamo19,92322,03990.40%21,015-5.20
Los Angeles Galaxy22,15227,00082.04%23,136-4.25
Montreal Impact20,60320,521100.40%22,772-9.52
NE Revolution14,84422,38566.31%14,001+6.02
New York Red Bulls19,46125,18977.26%18,281 +6.45
Philadelphia Union17,86718,50096.58%18,053-1.03
Portland Timbers20,67420,674100.00%20,438+1.15
Real Salt Lake19,21820,21395.08%19,087+0.68
San Jose Earthquakes12,76510,525121.28%13,293-3.97
Seattle Sounders44,03838,500114.39%43,144+2.07
Sporting Kansas City19,70918,467106.73%19,404+1.57
Toronto FC18,13121,85982.95%18,155-0.13
Vancouver Whitecaps20,03821,00095.42%19,475+2.89


  1. Quite steady on 2012, most 1-2% up or down. Montreal decrease due to playing less at the Olympic stadium. Only really Columbus in a big boost.

    If you take out Chivas the league average of the last two years would be exactly 1 better! 2013 - 19,177, 2012 -19,176

    Really need to get rid of this joke of a team.

  2. Hi! Could you explain how is it possible that Houston's attendance figures are higher than SKC's? When you watch both teams play home, Sporting Park is usually packed to the top, while Houston's stadium seems quite empty.

    Same for the Galaxy, I can't believe they are 2nd in the league, their stadium usually look half full. On the other hand San Jose is 2nd from the botton, you could usually see a good ammount of people at Buck Shaw, not to mention the clasico at Stanford.

    NYRB more than RSL?

    Probably TV images are very deceiving.

  3. You have to look at the size of the stadium. The StubHub Center is almost 3x bigger than Buck Shaw. Most of those are fine lines between selling out every game and having extra capacity. Most of those also deal with larger market towns vs. smaller market towns that has impacted the size of their stadiums.

  4. Houston stad is 22,000
    skc 18.000

    Plus season ticket holders I believe are counted towards atten. even if they don't show up on the day.

    I think next season MLS should take 4 or 5 Chivas usa home games to test other potential MLS markets. Perhaps San Diego, Sacremento, San Antonio, Atlanta, Minnesota.

    Something needs to be done, name change is a must LA Chivas sounds better.

  5. May I ask where you find your data? It looks great, and I have no reason to question it, but as far as I can tell the source isn't named. (I'm a library student, studying attendance figures outside of the library world--don't mean to be mysterious, just anonymous).