Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 10 Attendance Update

Team2015 Average AttendanceCapacityPercent Full2014 Average Attendance% Change from 2014
Chicago Fire15,50120,00077.51%16,076-3.58
Colorado Rapids13,87817,42479.65%15,082-7.98
Columbus Crew SC14,81019,96874.17%16,881-12.27
DC United14,11520,00070.58%17,030-17.12
FC Dallas15,10920,50073.70%
Houston Dynamo20,04622,03990.96%20,117-0.35
Los Angeles Galaxy21,95627,00081.32%21,258+3.28
Montreal Impact19,13320,801*91.98%17,421+9.82
New England Revolution14,84520,00074.23%16,681-11.00
New York City FC27,73927,528*100.77%

New York Red Bulls19,05225,00076.21%19,421-1.90
Orlando City SC36,91119,500*189.29%

Philadelphia Union17,72418,50095.81%17,631+0.53
Portland Timbers21,14421,144100.00%20,806+1.62
Real Salt Lake20,10020,21399.44%20,351-1.23
San Jose Earthquakes18,00018,000100.00%14,947+20.43
Seattle Sounders FC40,06739,115102.43%43,734-8.38
Sporting Kansas City19,96918,467108.13%20,003-0.17
Toronto FC30,22630,000100.75%22,086+36.86
Vancouver Whitecaps FC20,62821,00098.23%20,408+1.08
*Teams play select games at higher capacity


  1. This is paid attendance? For some markets there appears to be a wide variance between paid (reported) and actual (what you see in the stands).

  2. Well, there's obviously something seriously wrong with the math. 11 of the 18 teams existing from last year have lower attendance, but the overall average is up 6 percent. That just can't be correct.

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      \f0\fs26 \cf2 \cb3 \expnd0\expndtw0\kerning0
      \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 No, it's correct. Look at the numbers. The 11 teams you mention are only down around 1500 on average. Of the teams that have grown, Toronto is up 8,000. San Jose is up 3000. NYCFC clicks in at 7000 above league average. Orlando at 15,000. The growers and newbies are having a far greater impact overall than the losers.}

  3. Is the NYC FC actually drawing 2K ever home game? First that seems like a sell out-see stats above and by the way, they are not very good.
    A lot of comp tickets perhaps?

  4. sad that this sight doesn't get updated anymore.

  5. SJ is not accurate. they had 2 big games outside of avaya

  6. For some markets there appears to be a wide variance between paid (reported) and actual (what you see in the stands).
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  8. Vancouver sells out virtually every match. So much so they are considering opening more seats. 98% is inaccurate. It's completely sold out every year.

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  10. Does anybody know where I can get some updated numbers on attendance, ticket sales and stuff like this for the MLS?