Wednesday, June 15, 2011

USMNT and What YOU Want!!

It was nice to see new Livestrong Sporting Park overflowing with an official attendance of 20,109. The official capacity of LSP is 18,467 so it is nice to see that they packed them in. The USMNT had less than stellar attendance in Detroit and Tampa Bay with attendances of 28,209 and 27,731 respectively in stadiums that hold 60,000+. For two places hoping for an MLS team, this was less than hopeful. I am hoping that the USMNT can bring it together and start finishing along with playing well. 
Meanwhile, Group B had attendances of 21,507, 18,067, and 25,000 in a group with no large country to headline the group. Group A had amazing attendance with Mexico in the group with sessions with attendance of 80,108, 46,012, and 62,000. 

The knockout stages should have higher attendance with more weight on each game and all the large countries headlining each session. The question is, will the US be able to make it to the Rose Bowl to play in a final which almost inevitably will feature a Mexico team that has yet to face a challenge.
Finally, I have asked this before with no response, but as there is a constant amount of reader base and followers, I am wondering what teams you follow and which teams would you like a game by game breakdown. I have noticed a lot of activity from LA, Seattle, Portland, and the NYC area, but please comment if you would like a team update more often then once or twice a year. Otherwise I will continue with a weekly update of the attendance of each team in the normal table breakdown.

Thanks for continuing to view this website, and post and comments or suggestions so I can help to make this more informative to you, the reader

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