Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 17 Attendance Update

Something of note is that Chivas USA broke into 5 digits for a game this year. Their previous high was 9,732. This week with a derby against LA Galaxy they managed 14,575. I don't like to post my opinions too much but they need to be moved to San Diego and rebranded.

I am a little hesitant with NY becoming the 20th team as a Chivas ending could come of the NY Red Bulls once Thierry Henry leaves. A NJ stadium may not make it if the NY team emerges as a presence for the NYC soccer fans.

Team2013 Average AttendanceCapacityPercent Full2012 Average Attendance% Change from 2011 
Chicago Fire12,72320,00063.62%16,409-22.46
Chivas USA8,99818,80047.86%13,056-31.09
Colorado Rapids14,70218,08681.29%15,175-3.12
Columbus Crew14,14820,14570.23%14,397-1.73
DC United13,70319,46770.39%13,846-1.03
FC Dallas15,06020,50073.46%
Houston Dynamo19,46622,03988.32%21,015-7.37
Los Angeles Galaxy21,94927,00081.29%23,136-5.13
Montreal Impact21,41320,521104.34%22,772-5.97
NE Revolution13,67022,38561.07%14,001-2.37
New York Red Bulls17,51725,18969.54%18,281 -4.18
Philadelphia Union17,51318,50094.67%18,053-2.99
Portland Timbers20,67420,438101.15%20,438+1.15
Real Salt Lake18,54820,21391.76%19,087-2.82
San Jose Earthquakes10,40910,52598.90%13,293-21.70
Seattle Sounders41,50238,500107.80%43,144-3.81
Sporting Kansas City19,42618,467105.19%19,404+0.11
Toronto FC19,13421,85987.53%18,155+5.39
Vancouver Whitecaps19,34121,00092.10%19,475-0.69


  1. San Diego isnt where the need to go... but yes they need to be sold and rebranded whether downtown la or another city

  2. I don't know. They really couldn't do any worse at Qualcomm Stadium than they're doing right now.

  3. Chivas should be sold and moved to Sacramento. Build a new stadium on the site of the King's current stadium (Sleep Train Arena in North Natomas). There's plenty of adjacent land and parking and freeway access. The Kings will eventually abandon this site once their new owners build a downtown arena.

    I've lived in California for 22 years, both southern and northern, and I have followed the sport teams around the state. Here's my rationale for saying this.

    I don't think a second team in the LA metro area is good for MLS. It will always play second fiddle to the Galaxy, much like the Clippers are to the Lakers. You can have only one marque team in this market.

    San Diego is another market, but there's competition with the Chargers, Padres, and Tijuana's soccer team Cimarrones. Moreover, there's land issues for a new stadium (just look at the Chargers struggles to replace Qualcomm).

    Sacramento fits into the current scheme in the western conference, where there's greater attendance than the eastern conference. Like Portland, SLC, San Jose, & Vancouver, there is no competition with Major League Baseball. And the NBA season plays opposite of MLS. Sacramento would be a rival to San Jose, like Portland-Seattle. These western towns, including Seattle, have a strong soccer community and stable attendance. MLS may want to chase increased TV ratings with two teams in LA and NYC, but it needs strong and stable attendance to stay viable.

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