Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week 14 Attendance Update

Sorry for the delay. I have been gone from my computer with the database. I have been traveling to Portland and Indianapolis lately. I have my computer now but am away from home and am dealing with dial-up internet which is quite slow. I will be home in two weeks when I will be able to post more consistantly.
Team2013 Average AttendanceCapacityPercent Full2012 Average Attendance% Change from 2011 
Chicago Fire12,51420,00062.57%16,409-23.73
Chivas USA8,20118,80043.62%13,056-37.19
Colorado Rapids14,65718,08681.04%15,175-3.41
Columbus Crew12,54020,14562.25%14,397-12.90
DC United13,76219,46770.69%13,846-0.61
FC Dallas14,89820,50072.67%
Houston Dynamo19,09822,03986.66%21,015-9.12
Los Angeles Galaxy21,66127,00080.23%23,136-6.37
Montreal Impact22,03220,521107.36%22,772-3.25
NE Revolution13,59922,38560.75%14,001-2.87
New York Red Bulls17,51725,18969.54%18,281 -4.18
Philadelphia Union17,29918,50093.51%18,053-4.18
Portland Timbers20,67420,438101.15%20,438+1.15
Real Salt Lake18,30320,21390.55%19,087-4.11
San Jose Earthquakes10,40910,52598.90%13,293-21.70
Seattle Sounders39,06638,500101.47%43,144-9.45
Sporting Kansas City19,42618,467105.19%19,404+0.11
Toronto FC19,13421,85987.53%18,155+5.39
Vancouver Whitecaps19,74721,00094.03%19,475+1.39


  1. used to be good when this was updated

  2. I'm sorry that I was unable to update this site as there was an unexplained fire that destroyed my apartment at college. I am a little preoccupied with that as insurance and the police and fire reports are taking all of my time. It is hard to find time for a blog that I make no money off of and do just as a hobby. There have only been nine games between June 6th and June 18th. That is a usual weekend and time between updating.

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