Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 11 Attendance Update

Team2013 Average AttendanceCapacityPercent Full2012 Average Attendance% Change from 2011 
Chicago Fire12,10820,00060.54%16,409-26.21
Chivas USA8,04518,80042.79%13,056-38.38
Colorado Rapids13,36918,08673.92%15,175-11.90
Columbus Crew12,84020,14563.74%14,397-10.81
DC United13,71819,46770.47%13,846-0.92
FC Dallas14,87420,50072.56%
Houston Dynamo18,60822,03984.43%21,015-11.45
Los Angeles Galaxy21,03127,00077.89%23,136-9.10
Montreal Impact23,01820,521112.17%22,772+1.08
NE Revolution13,07222,38558.40%14,001-6.63
New York Red Bulls16,02125,18963.60%18,281 -12.36
Philadelphia Union17,34418,50093.75%18,053-3.93
Portland Timbers20,67420,438101.15%20,438+1.15
Real Salt Lake18,15320,21389.81%19,087-4.89
San Jose Earthquakes10,39210,52598.74%13,293-21.82
Seattle Sounders39,08838,500101.53%43,144-9.40
Sporting Kansas City19,17718,467103.85%19,404-1.17
Toronto FC19,28821,85988.24%18,155+6.24
Vancouver Whitecaps19,73121,00093.96%19,475+1.32


  1. Hey nice numbers!

    This also goes perfectly with this article about the Chivas below:

    I say, keep the team in Hollywood, but rename them to the "Anaheim Raiders". Come on, you know you want to see the return of the Raiders in Hollywood don't ya?!

    Remember, Mark Davis has the name L.A. Raiders trademarked, but he (and the League) don't have ANAHEIM Raiders trademarked, so I say go for it!

    L.A. Galaxy vs. Anaheim Raiders

    You know you want to see it!

    Post by: JulieTorrentino of Youtube

  2. Looks like most MLS franchises are ready to fold. Chicago especially. Soon the league will be just Portland and Seattle playing each other every week...

    1. Combine poor play, with a majority of afternoon games and just awful weather and you get those Chicago numbers.

  3. This is awesome! I think the numbers are down this year, not because the league is in any trouble, but because we're taking a "growth breather". This is the first year in over half a decade that a new team was not added to the league. Couple that with David Beckham's departure and there is less excitement around the league for casual fans to latch onto. It will bounce back in 2015 after the addition of NYCFC and the World Cup.

  4. would love to see an update.

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