Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week 11 Attendance Update

Today was a bad day for me as I am a Bayern fan, and as many of you know they lost a game they should have by all rights won. After watching that game and then watching the Chivas vs. Galaxy tonight on ESPN 2, which was sloppy just like most of the games today, it shows just how far MLS is behind (not saying they should be close or ever will be close, but it is like day and night). Granted the Home Depot Derby looked a little better than the 6 rec soccer games I reffed this morning. It will be interesting to see the Seattle vs. Chelsea (reserves most likely) game in a couple months.

Overall attendance was a little low this weekend as most of the games were at the smaller attendance locals. The games were sloppy with bad hand ball calls, red cards, and sloppy tackling. It was quite tough to watch the LA derby. The weekend ends with a Sunday night game in Portland. The Timbers will welcome Valencia  this week in the first of a few international friendlies this summer. 

Team2012 Average AttendanceCapacityPercent Full2011 Average Attendance% Change from 2011 
Chicago Fire14,08720,00070.43%14,274 -1.31
Chivas USA13,85618,80073.70%14,830 -6.57
Colorado Rapids14,65818,08681.04%14,838 -1.22
Columbus Crew12,65820,14562.83%12,185 +3.88
DC United13,54819,46769.60%15,211 -10.93
FC Dallas13,18120,50064.30%
Houston Dynamo22,03922,000100.18%17,694 +24.56
Los Angeles Galaxy23,19727,00085.91%23,335 -0.59
Montreal Impact36,49820,341179.43%------
NE Revolution11,59820,00057.99%13,222 -12.28
New York Red Bulls16,20425,00064.82%19,691 -17.71
Philadelphia Union18,31318,50098.99%18,258+0.30
Portland Timbers20,43820,438100.00%18,827 +8.56
Real Salt Lake18,34420,21390.75%17,594 +4.26
San Jose Earthquakes11,66810,525110.86%11,858 -1.60
Seattle Sounders38,62738,500100.33%38,495 +0.34
Sporting Kansas City19,01718,467102.98%17,810 +6.78
Toronto FC19,02221,14089.98%20,267-6.14
Vancouver Whitecaps19,01221,00090.53%20,406 -6.83


  1. I don't know about basing an opinion about the gap between MLS and Europe on highlighting LA vs. Chivas. In fact, that game was probably the largest snoozer of the bunch, so pointing it out is rather unfair. There were plenty of better games in MLS last night to hold up for comparison.

  2. Just for what was on TV. I can only watch highlights of the better games of the night (Seattle vs. Vancouver, Montreal vs NY, and Colorado vs. KC). A comparison for just a couple games of the day.

  3. I don't think it makes much sense to compare the champions league final, which, in theory, is the top annual soccer game in the world, to a regular season game between two teams near the bottom of the mls table. I know you must be sad bayern lost, but there is no need to lash out at mls.

  4. Orlando would be a great MLS city--we have the USL Pro team Orlando City that draws 7,000-8,000 per game to watch guys who aspire to be in the MLS. Too bad there's no promotion/relegation in North America-- it might give the fans of the teams at the bottom of the table something to show up for. Plus, it would really stoke the fans of teams like Orlando City who won the USL Pro championship last year and have shown they can hang with MLS teams (in the preseason anyway).

  5. OK. So USA beat Scotland 5-1 at soccer, but a Scotsman wins the Indy 500.
    Wh'd have thought it a few years ago?