Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 3 Attendance Update

  A General View Of The Match Between The New York Red Bulls And The Colorado Rapids At Red Bull Arena On March 25,
The New York Red Bulls had their home opener this weekend and beat the Colorado Rapids 4-1 with 2 goals a piece from Thierry Henry and Kenny Cooper 

Team Attendance Capacity Percent Full Last Year's Average Attendance
Chicago Fire 18,075 20,000 90.38% 14,274 
Chivas USA 11,094 27,000 41.09% 14,830 
Colorado Rapids 14,746 18,087 81.53% 14,838 
Columbus Crew 18,197 20,145 90.33% 12,185 
DC United 16,314 23,865 68.36% 15,211 
FC Dallas16,555 21,193 78.11%
Houston Dynamo
22,000 % 17,694 
Los Angeles Galaxy 22,733 27,000 84.20% 23,335 
Montreal Impact 58,912 20,341 289.62% ---
NE Revolution 12,925 22,385 57.74% 13,222 
New York Red Bulls 21,024 25,189 83.47% 19,691 
Philadelphia Union 19,074 18,500 103.10% 18,258
Portland Timbers 20,438 20,323 100.57% 18,827 
Real Salt Lake 18,577 20,008 92.85% 17,594 
San Jose Earthquakes 16,171 10,300 157.00% 11,858 
Seattle Sounders 38,507 38,500 100.02% 38,495 
Sporting Kansas City 17,469 18,467 94.60% 17,810 
Toronto FC 20,070 21,800 92.06% 20,267
Vancouver Whitecaps 20,197 21,500 93.94% 20,406 
Average 20,861 21,926 95.14% 17,870


  1. Arhh NE revs need a SS stadium or to play at fenway & Chivas need to be franchised out of LA. San Diego, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Miami or wherever would surely get more then 11,094. Though I think a name change is in order Los Angeles Chivas LA Chivas sounds a lot better then Chivas USA

  2. how about just winning... chivas will draw fans if they win.

  3. I think the league has grown past pathetic attempts to draw fans buy aligning themselves with big named foreign clubs. Also MLS has now learned that marketing to the twenty something a rather than soccer moms and hispanics has been more successful. Upcoming generations see tired of traditional american sports and want something different. Soccer fits that perfectly, not only its it new in respect to other sports in the states, it also follows along with a popular idea of being more like the rest if the world that you see a lot in the younger crowd. Mexicans will not become loyal to mls. Most of then are not interested adapting any local customs so why would they adopt and American team as their own? Their loyalties lie back home with their local club.

  4. NE and DC both need a SS stadium badly. It really helped out the Union (now if only they could win). I agree with Chivas moving to San Diego and getting a good spot down there. Winning might help, but currently I would never go to a Chivas game if I lived in LA, there is no specific player to go see, while the Galaxy have at least 5 or 6 players I would love to see.

  5. I think until MLS gets TV deals near the big sports, then they have to go more along the lines of sponsored teams and even to the extent of changing names like Red Bulls.

    I'm against ripping heritage totally away where the teams are commercially successful like Sounders, Galaxy etc...

    But would anyone care if Chivas USA became Banamex USA and got a new $100m stadium built somewhere? Just like Red Bull stumped $200m in NJ.

    If I was a DC fan, i'd swallow a renaming to VWDC United on a 10-15 year deal if VW splashed $100m on a new SSS

  6. I agree that it is all SS stadiums and location, but I am not sure if NYRB can work in other places. Look at NY today. Thierry Henry scored 3 goals, had a sick assist, and the RB won 5-2... in front of 13,000. NJ is a terrible location. Look at how the location makes such a difference. You put that stadium in a central downtown place with bars and a nightlife around, you will get people coming. None of the suburb crap. Funding is a whole other thing. I just hope NE and DC can find places down in Boston and DC respectively and can get attendance back up. The deserve it.