Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sorry for the Delay

Sorry for the delay, but I cannot find the attendance for these two games this weekend:

FC Dallas vs. NYRB
Toronto FC vs. NE Revolution

I have this problem every week (usually with the low attendance and less followed teams) and have about five different places I can look to find it. I have looked everywhere and haven't able to find it. The MLS is still a young league and it is still as hard as ever to find solid statistics at times.

If anyone could find these games for me that would be great! Also if you want a breakdown of any team feel free to comment. I have game by game data back to 2011 and historical data all the way back to the inception of the MLS. I like to compare trends year to year and see the weekly progressions of the teams as the summer or high profile games approach.

Thanks for all the views and I hope to keep posting more in depth statistics when I am able to (I travel quite a lot and will be going to Africa for two months so be patient with me).

I'm very excited to see how the statistics will change as the MLS expands to New York, Miami, Atlanta, and Orlando. They all seem to have the right idea with soccer specific stadiums in urban areas. This is an exciting time for the US world of soccer. Let's just hope the USMNT makes a good showing in Brazil!


  1. The Toronto FC / NE Game was a sell out 22,591. I can't find the FC Dallas as well. Usually I try www.soccerway.com and they have it

  2. espnfc.com had the Dallas attendance at 17,105

  3. Thank you so much for the quick response!!

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