Monday, July 9, 2012

Week 16 Attendance Update

The MLS had a great pre-Fourth of July weekend and Fourth of July turnout. Almost all teams sold out games during this time every team had a higher than normal turnout. What says America more than soccer now a days? 

San Jose pulled off another great turnout against the Galaxy in the California Classico just like they did last year. They had over 50,000 come out to see Wondolowski help the Quakes come back and win a 4-3 thriller. This bodes well for San Jose as they get a new stadium in the near future with a capacity near 18,000. 

Otherwise the MLS has had a pretty good turnout since it's short break during the Euro Cup. With no announcement yet, I am assuming the MLS will stay at 19 teams for next year. So the best we can hope for is growth within the teams. Better talent seems to be coming in free agent signings and more people are becoming interested in Major League Soccer. As attendances increase and the level of play increases, it seems the MLS and Don Garber are on the right track.

Team2012 Average AttendanceCapacityPercent Full2011 Average Attendance% Change from 2011 
Chicago Fire15,39820,00076.99%14,274 +7.88
Chivas USA13,12718,80069.83%14,830 -11.48
Colorado Rapids15,39518,08685.12%14,838 +3.75
Columbus Crew14,14120,14570.20%12,185 +16.05
DC United14,13219,46772.59%15,211 -7.10
FC Dallas13,72220,50066.93%
Houston Dynamo21,63222,00098.33%17,694 +22.26
Los Angeles Galaxy22,48327,00083.27%23,335 -3.65
Montreal Impact25,35720,341124.66%------
NE Revolution12,48520,00052.43%13,222 -5.57
New York Red Bulls17,16125,00068.64%19,691 -12.85
Philadelphia Union18,38018,50099.35%18,258+0.67
Portland Timbers20,43820,438100.00%18,827 +8.56
Real Salt Lake18,60420,21392.04%17,594 +5.74
San Jose Earthquakes16,50910,525156.85%11,858 +39.22
Seattle Sounders39,46938,500102.52%38,495 +2.53
Sporting Kansas City19,34818,467104.77%17,810 +8.63
Toronto FC19,03621,14090.04%20,267-6.08
Vancouver Whitecaps19,12321,00091.06%20,406 -6.29

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  1. The MLS will stay at 19 teams for the 2013 season, but this October/November they're going to announce the 20th club who would begin play in the 2014 season.